The Seal

Marian Emblem

This represents the school's special affinity to our Lady of Light- patroness of reconciliation, communion and mission. A CCCian takes particular devotion to Our Lady especially in living the role of a missionary for peace and reconciliation. In general, the school community takes the lead role in propagating the same value of sowing peace, reconciliation and communion.

People in Arms Around a Bell Tower

This represents the people who respond to the call of the Church to be agents and missionaries of bringing communion (i.e. people of one heart, one mind, one faith and one mission). A CCCian is called by the Church to be an agent of communion among people and should take serious attention in promoting and building Christian communities in and out of school.

The Bible, Chalice, Bread and the Crucifix

These represents the CCCian's special relationship to God by knowing real wisdom, experiencing a living faith through active worship, and sharing through preferential concern for and involvement with the poor. In essence, the Bible, Chalice and the Crucifix represent the school's vision of integral evangelization as a means toward becoming an evangelized-evangelizing community.

Scroll with Slogan

Indeed, CCCians are collectively a community on a missionary journey of bringing light, truth and love to everyone.

Gold and Sky Blue Color

Gold represents an abundant harvest and blue represents heaven. A CCCian is called to prepare an abundant harvest for heaven.